Dance, Music and Commedia for a Roman Carnival of the Renaissance

On 27 February in Rome a new production by “Il Teatro della Memoria”


The magnificent 16th century Oratorio del Gonfalone will be the backdrop, on the evening of Giovedì grasso, for the première of Se le donne portassero la spada – Canti, danze e lazzi nella Roma del Rinascimento staged by the Il Teatro della Memoria early dance and music ensemble. The theme of the Carnival with its overturning of roles will be the thread for a show that intermingles dance, music and Commedia dell’arte, ideally placed in the Rome of the Renaissance, a crossroads of languages and traditions where aulic culture is enriched by drawing color from folk elements. The performance will feature convivial songs, court music and dance, together with comic lazzi taken from the scenarios of the Roman Renaissance. The music, performed on replicas of period instruments, will include, among others, pieces by Giandomenico del Giovane da Nola, Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi, Francesco Corteccia, Gabriel Fallamero, Adriano Banchieri, Johann Hieronymus Kapsberger. The dance numbers, based on the interpretation of the treatises by Italian dance masters such as Fabrizio Caroso da Sermoneta and Cesare Negri, will be performed in costumes designed following contemporary iconographis sources.

The cast for this new production by Il Teatro della Memoria, devised and coordinated by Claudia Celi and Andrea Toschi, includes the actors Marco Paciotti and Lorenzo Pasquali, the dancers Francesco Bocchi, Simona Buompadre, Claudia Celi, Paolo Di Segni, the musicians Angela Bucci (singing), Nando Citarella (singing, chitarra battente, percussion), Luigino Leonardi (trombone), Carolina Pace (recorder), Angela Paletta (shawm), Andrea Toschi (curtal, recorder).

Thursday 27 February – 9,00PM – Oratorio del Gonfalone – via del Gonfalone 32/A – Roma – Italy

Tickets: full price €20 – reduced price €15 for those that are registered with this blog or with the Il Teatro della Memoria Facebook Page (in order to obtain a coupon write us at this address:
Special Student reduction: entrance for two persons €16,00

Info and booking: tel. & fax (+39) 06-6875952 (Mon.-Fri. 9:30AM-5PM) –

foto Marco Mancini

foto Marco Mancini

foto Marco Mancini

foto Corrado Sacchi

To see the photos from the performance follow this link

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