“Isabella, Orlando and Melissa’s Charms”

Casa Internazionale delle Donne in Rome hosts a performance to raise funds for Vita di Donna Onlus

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Isabella, Orlando and Melissa’s Charms

Dosso Dossi – La maga Melissa

Five hundred years after the first edition of Orlando Furioso, the voyage to the Moon is the theme of an itinerant performance during which the audience is involved by the sorcerer Melissa in a sensory path that binds Isabella d’Este and her court to Ariosto’s characters and images, evoked by scenographic elements, sound, perfumes and live performance of music and dance reconstructed according the period’s treatises.

Ideation and coordination: Claudia Celi and Andrea Toschi

Adaptation and staging of Ariosto’s texts: Marco Paciotti e Lorenzo Pasquali – ONDADURTO TEATRO

Players: Francesco Bocchi, Simona Buompadre, Fiorella Cardinale Ciccotti, Claudia Celi, Maria Costantini, Paolo Di Segni

Music performers: Mauro Morini (trombone), Angela Paletta (shawm), Rosanna Rossoni (singing), Francesco Tomasi (lute, renaissance guitar), Andrea Toschi (recorder, curtal, ocarina)

Scenographic elements: IN SITU

Casa Internazionale delle Donne – via S. Francesco di Sales, 1a – Roma
17 June 2016 – 1st performance 8,45PM – 2nd performance 9,45PM

Free offer in favour of Vita di Donna Onlus
Limited places – book at (+39) 320-0557319 SOLD OUT

The no-profit Association Vita di Donna Onlus supplies free of charge advice, help by phone and e-mail for any women’s health problem, a clinic for urgent examinations and info about where to apply in the National Health System for any aspect of female health and sexuality.

Thanks for the collaboration to Accademia Nazionale di Danzaintestazione AND

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