“Di cento gemme peregrine e cento”. Music, dance and the power of stones in 17th century culture

For #digitalinvasions, a voyage through science, poetry, music and dance


Il Teatro della Memoria and the Museo di Mineralogia dell’Università La Sapienza will host on Tuesday  28 April a special event: a voyage through the Museum collections following the footsteps of Athanasius Kircher, the great broker of knowledge between magic, art and science in 17th century Rome. The stones mentioned in his books will be coupled with music of the period, performed on replicas of historical instruments, and with dances reconstructed following the treatises of the dancing masters.
The event is organized within the 2015 edition of #digitalinvasions, a project aimed at diffusing knowledge about the cultural heritage through the use of web and social media as well as at sensibilizing public and private institutions to the potential offered by these tools in order to achieve innovative projects for the co-creation of cultural value together with those that take part in the events. Museo Mineralogia 2
Museo Mineralogia 1 “Di cento gemme peregrine e cento”

  • Planning and coordination: Claudia Celi, Andrea Toschi
  • Dancers: Simona Buompadre, Claudia Celi, Paolo Di Segni
  • Musicians: Sabina Angelucci (recorder), Rosanna Rossoni (singing) Paolo Tagliapietra (spinet), Andrea Toschi (curtal, recorder)
Tuesday 28 april 2015 at 5.30 PM
Museo di Mineralogia Università “La Sapienza”
P.le Aldo Moro, 5 – 00185 Roma (Italy)
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IMPORTANT: entrance tickets are free but limited; in order to take part in the event it’s necessary to book before 27 April on the Eventbrite webpage at this link

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