A journey among the arcanes of the planets in the highest town of Latium

On Saturday 17 August Il Teatro della Memoria will present Notturno Kircheriano, an itinerant performance through the streets of Guadagnolo

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The second event of  Kircher Festival – promoted by the Municipality of Capranica Prenestina with the sponsorship of Regione Lazio and dedicated to the multifaceted figure of Jesuit scholar Athanasius Kircher, the great broker of wisdom in 17th century Rome – will take place during the the night of 17 August  in the evocative hamlet of Guadagnolo nearby the Mentorella Sanctuary, a location dear to Kircher who promoted its restoration and arranged for his heart be there buried.

The performance Notturno Kircheriano – produced by Il Teatro della Memoria – takes its inspiration from Kircher’s book Iter exstaticum, in which he narrates a fantastic knowledge journey among the planets under the direction of the angel Cosmiel. The event will wind through the streets of Guadagnolo, trasformed into a magic town where the audience, following a sensorial guide, will watch from time to time dance, music performend with replicas of period instruments and scene by commedia dell’arte players.


  • Concept and coordination: Claudia Celi and Andrea Toschi
  • Actors: Marco Paciotti, Lorenzo Pasquali
  • Dancers: Simona Buompadre, Mauro Carboni, Claudia Celi, Paolo Di Segni
  • Musicians: Serena Bellini (recorder), Flavio Cinquetti (cornetto, gaita), Federico Marincola (Baroque guitar), Federico Occhiodoro (percussion), Angela Paletta (shawm), Andrea Toschi (curtal)
  • Sensorial guide: Maria Costantini
  • Scenographic elements and props: Umberto Giovannini
  • Audiovisual installation: sound by Giovanna Natalini; video editing by Giangiacomo De Stefano and Massimiliano Valli

It’s possible to reach Guadagnolo through Palestrina (From Rome take the Prenestina road, Casilina or Autostrada per Napoli – exit San Cesareo) as well as through Ciciliano (A24 for L’Aquila – exit Castel Madama). Traveling time from Grande Raccordo Anulare is about one hour.

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For more info see the facebook page of the event or phone (+39) 340-2921311.

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