L’Humor Bizzarro 2022 – Registration info and costs

Early Music Dance workshop

Early Music & Dance Summer Workshop
21st edition – Rome 4-7 august 2022

Courses organized by
Il Teatro della Memoria
(artistic Direction: Claudia Celi e Andrea Toschi)

16th-17th century dancing: Claudia Celi
17th-18th century dancing: Ilaria Sainato
19th century social dances: Paolo Di Segni
Baroque and Classical Oboe: Angela Paletta
Recorder: Marco Rosa Salva
Renaissance and Baroque Singing: Rosanna Rossoni
Renaissance Lute, Theorbo and Baroque Guitar: Francesco Tomasi
Cembalo Accompaniment: Paolo Tagliapietra
Qi Gong Seminar: Angela Paletta

General information and fees

Programs are available (in Italian) at this link. Feel free to e-mail us for specific information or use the contact form at the end of this page.

Registration & insurance fee
  • with advance payment up to June 30th 60.00 euros
  • with advance payment after July 30th 120.00 euros

Members of designated Schools and Societies with a reduction arrangement are entitled to a discount of 30.00 euros, provided that the payment is made not later than June 30th.

Tuition fees
  • Music courses (singing or instrument): 200.00 euros
  • Dancing courses (8 hours): 120.00 euros
  • Qi Gong seminar: 20.00 euros

Registration and payments

The registration fee and one half of the tuition fees must be paid in advance:

  • by credit card – go to our online shop;
  • by bank transfer to the account No. 67/494577 at Banca Fideuram (IBAN: IT44R0329601601000067494577 – BIC-SWIFT code: FIBKITMM) in the name of “Il Monocordo di Andrea Toschi”; in order to save on bank transfer charges, be sure to choose the “shared charges” option if your bank is within SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area).

After the payment has been sent, fill the form on the registration page. A copy of the bank transfer must arrive not later than July 1st by e-mail to: info@teatrodellamemoria.org.

The balance must be paid before the beginning of the courses. It will also be possible to pay directly at check-in by cash or credit card.


The advance payment won’t be refunded in case of cancellation after July 1st. If the cancellation (to be made exclusively through the dedicated page) arrives before July 1st, the amount paid will be refunded with a deduction of 60.00 euros.

Maximum number of students

In order to respect the minimum distance between persons, these are the maximum numbers of students that will be enrolled for each type of course:

  • singing or instrument courses: maximum 12;
  • dance courses: maximum 24 per course.

Students will be enrolled according to the order of arrival of the registration forms. Those that cannot be admitted because the maximum has been reached will be promptly informed, and the amount paid will be refunded, unless they want to enroll in another course. The Direction reserves the right to modify the programs. The courses for which the minimum number of registrations will not be reached will be cancelled, and the amount paid will be refunded.

The courses will be hosted in two locations, all in a central area well connected by tramway or bus (website: atac.roma.it) and Metro underground (metropolitanadiroma.it):

  • Music courses – Teatro “Lo Spazio” – via Locri 42 – (Metro A & C San Giovanni)
  • Dance courses – Teatro Brancaccino – via Mecenate 2 – (Metro A Vittorio Emanuele – Metro B Cavour)

The courses will be organized in accordance with COVID-19 safety protocols.

Health & emergencies

Registered students are insured against accidents during classes with a maximum cover of 50,000.00 euros. Check with your health insurance company or your national health system about coverage in Italian hospitals in case of illness. EU member states have arrangements that admit the citizens of one state in the public hospitals of another free of charge. If you have any doubts, contact us and we’ll try to find information on the specific arrangements with your country and the documents you need. Emergency treatment (“Pronto Soccorso”) at public hospitals is free except for minor illnesses (white triage code) that are subject to a fixed fee (“ticket”) of 25.00 euros. In serious cases don’t hesitate to call the emergency phone number 112.

Special rates at hotels and restaurants

Special rates for our students will be available at several restaurants, hotels and Bed&Breakfast. After registration you can E-mail us for a list.

Contact info

e-mail: info@teatrodellamemoria.org
phone : (+39) 06 3326 7447
mobile: (+39) 328-3645555

Fill in the form below if you want more info:

Privacy statement: we will keep your data reserved in accordance with European regulations; we promise we won’t give them to anybody else. The full text of the GDPR statement is at this link.
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