The photos from the concert to honour José Sasportes

Under the benevolent glance of Saint Filippo Neri, the classical instruments ensemble of Il Teatro della Memoria performs music from 19th century Italian ballets

concerto alla Vallicelliana 5-12-12

On 5 december the magnificent Salone Borromini at Biblioteca Vallicelliana in Rome hosted the celebration of dance scholar José Sasportes on the occasion of his 75th birthday. The event, organized by AIRDanza (Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sulla Danza), featured the ensemble with classical instruments of Il Teatro della Memoria  Giancarlo Ceccacci (violin), Federico Marincola (Schrammelgitarre), Angela Paletta (oboe), Andrea Toschi (bassoon and orchestration) – in the instrumental concert Les Fleurs animées. Pagine musicali dai balletti italiani dell’Ottocento. The program included music by some of the most widely known composers of music for Italian 19th century ballets  – Cesare Pugni, Paolo Giorza, Peter Ludwig Hertel and Costantino Dall’Argine –performed on replicas of classical period instruments.

Photos by Paola Torrani

Click here for the program of the event

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