Regency Tea Dance in Rome

twelfth night tea dance

A translation of the announcement by Nel Mondo di Jane Austen:

Again in Rome: the Twelfth Night Tea Dance

This year we change location. We’re moving to Trastevere in an ancient 17th Century monastery, today hosting the prestigious Hotel Donna Camilla Savelli, and we’ll dance in the magnificent Sala Borromini…

The format remains the usual one for our Dancing Teas
  • At 3.00 PM we start dancing under the guide of the Master of Ceremonies Paolo Di Segni, artistic curator of the event;
  • after a dance set of about one hour and a half we’ll stop to take Tea and assorted sweets, confortably seated at the tables;
  • after a pause of about 45 minutes, we’ll resume dancing for about one hour and a half;
  • at the end of this second dance set we’ll toast with sparkling wine and small salted snacks (arm service by the waiters).

Entrance fee €65.

Limited places. Booking to be confirmed by payment before January 25th 2019.


The Location

A 17th century monastery seemed to us the perfect location to celebrate together Jane Austen and William Shakespeare, the author who presumably was her favourite since he is quoted at least 26 times in her novels and letters.

How to celebrate them better than with a Masquerade?
In the times of Jane Austen it was customary to end the Christmas festivities with a masked ball, looking for inspiration for the costumes among the most iconic historical figures, but often among the characters in Shakespeare’s plays.

😀If you’re asking yourself why we’re celebrating in February a Masquerade dedicated to a feast of the beginning of January (the twelfth Night precedes the Epifany), the explanation is simple: Shakespeare’s play The Twelfth Night was presented for the first time on Candlemas (February 2nd)😉…


We that love Jane
who loved Will
shall let ourselves
be inspired by the atmosphere of the hall
be lulled by the ancient resonance
like in a daydream!

DRESS CODE – 1794 – 1817

Admitted dress:

  • late Georgian to Regency dress;
  • dress from ages before 1817;
  • fantastic characters, provided they are expressly quoted in Shakespeare’s works.


  • dress syles later than 1817.
  • steampunk, time travelers and whatever is not indicated above as admitted.

For info about payment methods write to

Hotel Donna Camilla Savelli – via Garibaldi, 27 – Rome (Italy)
Sunday 3 February 2019 – 2.30 to 7.30PM
11/1/2019 update:

On the occasion of the Twelfth Night Tea Dance we’ll be carried in the world of Shakesperian dances by Maestro Paolo Di Segni, who has been collaborating with Il Teatro della Memoria and who, together with Claudia Celi, teacher of Dance History and Historical Dances at Accademia Nazionale di Danza, will make us to dream on the notes of ancient melodies… and we’ll also get a chance to dance like in yonder times 🤩🤩🤩

In the photos below, some instants from the shows that have seen Paolo di Segni and Claudia Celi dancing together.

For more info about Il Teatro Della Memoria:


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