“Il Corpo nel Suono” – 4th edition

Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome announces the international conference on the relationship between music and dance and the role of the musician in dance

music and dance international conference

From 1 to 4 November 2018 Accademia Nazionale di Danza (AND) will host the fourth edition of Il Corpo nel Suono, an international conference on the manifold relationships between music and dance and on the role of the musician as a key figure in such relationships. The press communiqué circulated by AND is available in Italian at this link. Info about registration is available on the dedicated website www.ilcorponelsuono.com.

Partecipating artists:

Keith Terry, Terese Capucilli, John Sweeney, Vincenzo Lamagna, Suzanne Knosp, Philip Feeney, Mikael Karlsson, Kim Helweg, Federico Di Maio, Quentin Tolimieri, Andrew Warshaw, Valentina Casesa, Alberto Maniàci, Karen McIver, Alan Costello, Massimo Carrano, John Toenjes, Luca Tieppo.

Featured sessions (schedule available at this link)
  • Piano Circus | open dialogue about music in ballet and contemporary dance classes​
  • Body Music (Keith Terry)
  • The Sacrosanct Accompanist | a musical journey through Martha Graham’s dance technique (Terese Capucilli | Suzanne Knosp)
  • Composition and Choreography (Philip Feeney | Mikael Karlsson | Vincenzo Lamagna | Valentina Casesa | Alberto Maniaci)
  • Blind date
  • Learn Music through Dancing (John Toenjes)
  • Sigurd Leeder: a Musical Legacy (Suzanne Knosp)
  • Music theory and musical training in dance classes | Aspects of multitasking pedagogy (Kim Helweg)
  • Free Flow Motion (Federico Di Maio)
  • Methods and practices of the teacher-pianist communication: perspectives from behind a keyboard (Luca Tieppo)
  • How do we judge Musicality? (Karen McIver | Alan Costello)
  • The angelic Body and the rhythmic Brain(Massimo Carrano)
  • Vertebrate Pattern-Movement Music (Andrew Warshaw)
  • Giuditta e Oloferne

Accademia Nazionale di Danza – Istituto di Alta Formazione Coreutica
Largo Arrigo VII, 5 Roma (Italy) – website: www.accademianazionaledanza.it
Phone (+39) 06-57177710 – E-mail: up@accademianazionaledanza.it

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