One month of music in interplay between early and modern


Thursday 30 January a Roman Carnival kicks off with Pino De Vittorio in Le Tarantelle del rimorso at Rome’s Gonfalone

On the occasion of the Carnival, historically the most lively theatre season in Rome up to the end of the 19th century, the concert society Coro Polifonico Romano “Gastone Tosato” stages, in the magnificent Oratorio della Confraternita del Gonfalone, a series of special events offering to the audience not only moments of singing and instrumental music, but also of theatre and dance, in a prospectic interplay between antique and modern. On 30 January the actor and singer Pino De Vittorio, born in the southern region of Apulia, takes inspiration from the mythical Taranta Spider of his native country with the show Le Tarantelle del rimorso – Tarantelle, Pizziche, Lamenti, Serenade, Pastorale. On 6 February Soqquadro Italiano presents Da Monteverdi a Mina, a performance featuring voice and a multi-era ensemble with saxophone, clarinet, theorbo, baroque guitar, psaltery and percussion. On 13 February Fischi, botti, coriandoli e lingue di suocera will showcase Marta Rossi on piccolo with accompaniment – on the 18th century Tronci organ formerly owned by Maestro Gastone Tosato, the founder of Coro Polifonico Romano – by the present Artistic Director Concezio Panone in a program ranging from the 18th to the 21st century.

The subsequent concerts will feature prominently the dance: on 20 February Marcos Madrigal performs a program of Danze pianistiche by Schumann, Liszt, Gluck-Sgambati and Ginastera; on 27 February – the traditional feast of Giovedì Grasso – the last days of Carnival will be the backdrop to Il Teatro della memoria‘s early music, dance and Commedia dell’Arte performance Se le donne portassero la spada – Canti, danze e lazzi nella Roma del Rinascimento (If Women carried the Sword – Songs, Dances and Lazzi in Renaissance Rome).

Oratorio del Gonfalone – via del Gonfalone 32/A – Rome (Italy)
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For the Gonfalone 2013-14 concert season discounted tickets (€15 instead of €20) will be available for those that have signed up to this blog or to the Il Teatro della Memoria Facebook page. In order to receive a discount coupon to be shown at the box office, you may send an e-mail to:

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