Deadline deferred for the “Principe Francesco Maria Ruspoli” competition

It’s possible to apply for the Gamba and for the Musicology sections until August 31st

The magnificent Castello Ruspoli at Vignanello (near Viterbo, Italy) – were it’s possible to admire one of the finest examples of  giardino all’italiana – will host on October 6th-7th the fourth edition of the Principe Francesco Maria Ruspoli International Competition featuring two sections: Istrumental (Viola da Gamba) and Musicological.

For the instrumental section the Jury – the members of which are Paolo Pandolfo (President), Johannes Boer, Enrico Gatti, Bettina Hoffmann and Björn Ross – will make a first selection based on the video or audio recordings  of pieces for solo and accompanied gamba chosen by the candidates. The final selection will have as obbligato piece the Sonata HWV 364b in G minor for gamba  and continuo by G. F. Händel. The winner will be awarded a prize of €2000,00.

For the musicology section the candidates must send an essay about Musical mecenatism in the 17th and 18th century European courts. A scientific committee – formed by Giorgio Monari, Manuel Carlos de Brito and Dinko Fabris – will award a prize consisting in the publication of the essay in a volume published by LIM and a cash prize of €500,00.

For both sections the application deadline has been deferred to August 31st. Competition rules and application form are available on the webpage Centro Studi Santa Giacinta Marescotti.

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