Early music and dance in a reclaimed church

La Vertuosa Compagnia de’ Musici di Roma and the dancers of Il Teatro della Memoria play in the XVI Century church of San Nicola at Tivoli 

The third appointment of the “Musica differenziata” concert season in Tivoli (the town famous for Villa d’Este, near Rome), organized by the Early Music and Schola Palatina associations with the support of the Provincia di Roma, was performed by  La Vertuosa Compagnia de’ Musici di Roma (Giorgio Matteoli, recorder; David Simonacci, baroque violin; Maurizio Lopa, viola da gamba; Stefano Maiorana, theorbo and baroque guitar; Andrea Piccioni, percussion; Emanuela Pietrocini, harpsichord) in a monographic program that presented variations on themes and on ostinato grounds from the period between Cinquecento and Seicento. The program also featured guest artists  Claudia Celi and Paolo Di Segni, of the early dance company Il Teatro della Memoria.

As soon as the performance started, in the light of hundreds of candles that illuminated the charming  Chiesa di San Nicola (a XVI Century building first converted to a paper mill and recently to a performing space), two costumed figures took their place at the head of the nave, as if evoked by the music, and became the protagonists when they began to dance the arresting  Folìas para mi Señora by Andrea Falconieri. 

TV producer Corrado Grego fulfilled the role of Master of Ceremonies, briefly introducing the musical numbers and occasionally adding punctual glosses about the use of ostinatos in rock music from the 60’s and 70’s.
At the end a big hand for the artists was duly followed by an encore by all the performers, dancers and musicians, with Falconieri’s Corrente detta l’Avellina.
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