New openings at the Orchestra of The Age of Enlightenment

The ensemble will select one Principal Oboe and one Co-Principal Bassoon

Orchestra of The Age of Enlightenment

London based Orchestra of The Age of Enlightenment (OAE), mainly devoted to late Baroque, Classical and Romantic repertory, has announced a selection process, by audition and trial, for two historical instrument positions:

  • Principal Oboe  – This position would ideally cover all repertoire, but if suitable candidates specialise in earlier or later repertoire the position may be shared.
  • Co-Principal Bassoon – This position will have an emphasis on the Romantic repertoire. Candidates should ideally be able to play both French (Buffet or similar) and German (Heckel or similar) systems from c.1900, in order to highlight the different tone colours; modern Buffet or Heckel intstruments are not suitable.

The details of the selection process haven’t yet been defined. Projects Officer Sophie Kelland has informed us that “it is likely that candidates will audition on one instrument (whichever they prefer) and we will create an opportunity to hear them on the other instrument either at a subsequent audition or on a trial”.

The pitch OAE plays at is A=415 for the  Baroque repertory and A=430 for the Classical one. For both offered positions a proven track record in one or more of the following is desirable: education work, audience development, widening participation, and research into historically informed performance.

OAE produces about 100 concerts per year. Some of its principal positions are shared, which can allow principal players to specialise in but not necessarily confine themselves to different areas of repertoire.  Principal players are offered 100% of the work, and are expected to make a commitment to a high percentage of this work.

Highly qualified and experienced candidates should e-mail a covering letter and CV to:

Sophie Kelland,
Application deadline: 30 October 2013

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