The many shapes of Music and Mathematics

Villa Farnesina in Rome will host two open lectures that explore the mutual relationship in the light of recent research

Quantum_PhysicsThe international conference Mathematics and Quantum Physics organized in Rome by the  Accademia dei Lincei will feature two open lectures – held by prestigious researchers  – with the purpose of bringing a wider audience closer to the most recent research in mathematics and physics. The relationship between music and mathematics has indeed in the course of centuries been a constant source of fruitful development for both the disciplines, from the discoveries of the Pithagorean School to the  theoretical writings of the Renaissance, form the study of vibrating strings and sonorous tubes to the experiments in electronic music.

The first speaker will be Noam D. Elkies (Department of Mathematics, Harvard University, Cambridge) who on Tuesday 9 July at 7.00PM will present a lecture entitled Canonical Forms: A Mathematician’s View of Musical Canons. On Thursday 11 July – again at 7.00PM – Alain Connes (Collège de France e IHES), the winner of the Fields Medal – the equivalent for mathematicians of the Nobel Prize – in 1982, will speak about The Music of  Shapes.

Two events not to be missed by those under the spell of these subjects, that on this occasion will be dealt with by two inernationally renowned experts who wish not only to make their research known by a small circle of specialists but also to popularize it – without making it trivial – thereby making it a common cultural legacy.

9 and 11 July 2013 – 7.00PM
Villa Farnesina – Via della Lungara 230 – Roma

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