The teachers of the 2013 edition: Ninad Massimo Carrano, Percussion

The course will focus on the performing techniques and styles of frame drums and percussions of the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East (Italian tambourine, riq, Azeri technique on bodhran). The course is open to students of any level. A limited number of instruments will be available for individual practice; students are therefore advised to bring their own.

NINAD MASSIMO CARRANO for more than thirty years has carried out an intense activity in Italy and abroad as an author and a performer of jazz and ethnic music. He has featured as a collaborator to prestigious theatre and dance performances and has played for important early music ensembles directed by R. Jacob, A. De Marchi and C. Pluhar. As a teacher of Percussion and of Rhythmic Sensibilizzation (a method of which he is the ideator) he has taught at the Federazione Italiana di Musicoterapia. He collaborates with the therapeutist Vedanta Aspioti of Osho Institute for Intuition, is a  Drum Circle facilitator and a honorary member of Sociedad Percuba (Cuban percussionists in the World). He has been a professor of Afrocuban Percussions at the  Lecce Conservatory; presently he teaches at the Accademia Nazionale di Danza.

Full info about the workshop costs and registration form are available at this link.

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