The teachers of the 2013 edition: Angela Bucci, Renaissance and Baroque singing

The course – addressed towards singers and singing students who wish to approach the technical and interpretative aspects of the Renaissance and Baroque repertory – features individual and collective classes. Part of the course will focus on 17th century authors such as  Girolamo Frescobaldi, Claudio Monteverdi, Barbara Strozzi and Sigismondo d’India. Registered students may also agree with the teacher on other pieces proposed by them.  

ANGELA BUCCI graduated in Singing at the  Conservatorio “L. D’Annunzio” in Pescara and in Oboe at the Conservatorio “S. Cecilia” in Roma; she has obtained – summa cum laude – the Diploma accademico di secondo livello in canto rinascimentale e barocco at the Conservatorio “A. Pedrollo” in Vicenza. She carries out an intense concert activity as a soloist. She has performed – under the direction of G. Garrido, F. Biondi, R. Clemencic,  S. Vartolo, A. De Marchi, L. Bacalov, M. Mencoboni, S. Balestracci, R. Favero, O. Guidotti, A. Riderelli – for important institutions and festivals in Italy and abroad (Spain, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Argentina). Among her recordings stand out : Sesto Libro dei Madrigali di Monteverdi with La Venexiana (Glossa); L’Incoronazione di PoppeaIl Ritorno d’Ulisse in patria and L’Orfeo by C. Monteverdi and the Primo Libro dei Madrigali by Gesualdo with S. Vartolo (Brilliant Classics); Betulia liberata by W. A. Mozart, directed by R. Favero (Onclassical); the integral of duos for soprano by Barbara Strozzi with the Ensemble Recitarcantando (Clavis) of Rome. She has attended to the didactics of singing for many years. Presently she teaches singing at the Associazione Romana Arte Musica in Roma, the European Union  Theatre and Cinema Academy in Roma and the Early music and dance workshops organized by the Associazione Il Teatro della Memoria.

Info on the workshop costs and registration is available at this link.

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