Registration open for “2nd Cycle Diploma in Music Accompaniment for Dance”

The course, one of a kind, will be hosted in Rome and in L’Aquila (Italy)

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The Second Cycle Diploma Course in Music Accompaniment for Dance – established in 2011 as a joint venture by Music Conservatory “Alfredo Casella” at L’Aquila and Accademia Nazionale di Danza at Rome and continuing in the academic year 2017/18 – has seen many of its graduates find jobs as pianists for dance in private and public Institutions such as Choreutic High Schools, Opera theatres and dance companies.

The course features practical and theoretical lessons, workshops and on-the-job training, with the attainment by the students of 120 ECTS credits (see prospectus). Classes and training activities will be hosted partly in Rome and partly in L’Aquila, with the involvement of teachers from both institutions. The registration deadline is on July 31st, 2017.

This is our translation of the announcement published by the two Institutions:

Diploma Music Accompaniment for Dance

Would you like to become a 

Enroll in the Second Cycle Diploma Course offered by the Alfredo Casella Music Conservatory at L’Aquila and the National Dance Academy at Rome

Learning Outcomes
The course offers a unique training in order to become a Music Accompanist for Dance and Ballet. Thanks to highly qualified teachers, during the two years of the course students will acquire a sound historical knowledge in dance and ballet; they will refine their competence in performance and composition, fully developing their ability in extempore composition, an indispensable skill in order to accompany classes in classical as well as contemporary dance; they will learn to interact in a proficient and reliable way with teachers, students and professionals in the fields of dance and ballet.

Career Prospects
The course will offer to the students concrete employment opportunities, including, but not limited to, piano accompaniment in private and public educational institutions, in theatres and operatic venues, in dance companies. Furthermore, it offers opportunities as musical experts for dance and ballet in information and outreach activitities, in the media and audiovisual sector and as professionals in live performance.

Structure of the course
The course features practical and theoretical lessons, laboratories and on the job training with the attainment from the students of 120 ECTS formative credits. The lessons and any other educational activities will be located at either the National Academy of Dance in Rome or the Conservatory of Music at L’Aquila, with the involvement of professors from both institutions.

Prerequisites of the Course
Diploma in piano performance(1st cycle) or equivalent training.
The entrance examination consists of:

  1. piano performance of a 10 minutes program chosen by the applicant;
  2. first sight reading of a piano reduction from a romantic ballet;
  3. improvisation of 16 bars as assigned by the examination board.

Enrollment: Apply to “Alfredo Casella” Conservatory at L’Aquila (
Info: +39.0862.22122 (Student Office); +39.328.0649381 (Prof. Alvaro Lopes Ferreira)

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