The programme of the 4th Historical Dance Symposium

In May 2016 Burg Rothenfels castle will host the international Symposium Italy and the Dance

burg Rothenfels
The official website has just published a complete programme for the Historical Dance Symposium – aimed at dancers, dance lovers and scholars – that will take place in the Burg Rothenfels am Main castle on 25-29 May 2016. This 4th edition of the Symposium, entitled Dance in Italy, Italian Dance in Europe, 1400 – 1900, is dedicated to the memory of Barbara Sparti (1932-2013) and – in accordance with the motto “research dance – dance research” – has as its goal “to bring together dancers and researchers and thus enable intensive interaction between the latest research and current dance practice”. The conference theme – that encompasses a period spanning from the treatises of the Humanistic period to the Italian National Unification – will unfold through lectures, research posters, practical workshops, short performances and social dance evenings with live music.

barbara spartiA large attendance is anticipated for this event, that has been organized in cooperation with several distinguished international partners such as Accademia Nazionale di Danza, ACRAS, AIRDanza, Derra de Moroda Dance Archives, The annual Oxford Dance Symposium, EADH, Early Dance Circle, Society of Dance History Scholars, Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society and through the activity of a Scientific Committee whose members are Irene Brandenburg, Claudia Celi, Véronique Daniels, Carol G. Marsh, Alessandro Pontremoli, Markus Lehner.

The Symposium has English and German as official languages. Further information can be found at these links:

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