Nostos: the return Voyage

Ten Alumni from Accademia Nazionale di Danza will feature as guest teachers in the Danza con noi! Festival

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Under the title Nostos: viaggio di ritorno, on January 20th will open the 8th edition of Festival dell’Accademia Nazionale di Danza (AND), the Higher Dance Education Istitution presently directed by Maestro Bruno Carioti.

Quoting directly from the project’s explanatory notes:

Even if temporary and occasional, the theme of nostos – return in Greek – is always experienced as a reconquest of lost roots. Coming back, after many years spent away from the bosom where one has been formed as a person and a dancer, allows one to draw from the archetipal myth of the adventurous voyage of Ulisses as told by Homerus.

Ten workshops will thus be featured, held by former AND students who return after having reaped sucess in the international classical and contemporary dance panorama as dancers, teachers and choreographers.

Through these seminars, AND Triennio (three-year degree) students will have an opportunity to study with teachers and choreographers  who have been AND pupils and have brought themselves up-to-date in the various dance idioms, styles and techniques, focusing their attention on short excerpts from choreographies in the classical and contemporary repertory, also with an attention to pas-de-deux and improvisational techniques. Each seminar will end with a short demonstration-performance in front of an audience.

This is the full seminar schedule:

Alberto Montesso 20-25 January
Livio Panieri 3-8 February
Fabio Grossi 10-15 February
Fabrizio Angelini 17-22 February
Guido Pistoni 3-8 March
Alessandra Sini 10-15 March
Caterina Rago 17-22 March
Giovanni Di Palma 24-29 March
Giorgia Maddamma 31 March -5 April
Walter Matteini 7-12 April

Teatro Ruskaja – Accademia Nazionale di Danza
Largo Arrigo VII, 5 – Roma (Italy)
Info: phone (+39) 06-5717621 – webpage

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