Performing Arts and Antiquity in the European Theatre (1760-1830)

The International Conference will be held  in Rome on 8 and 9 February


As a result of a joint project by Università di Roma – La Sapienza and by Université Paris-Sorbonne that has already seen a first meeting in Paris on 14 and 15 December, the conference Le Arti dello Spettacolo e l’Antico nel Teatro Europeo (1760-1830), organized by Mara Fazio from La Sapienza and by Pierre Frantz and Sophie Marchand from Sorbonne, will begin in Rome on Friday 8 February. The intent is to analyze the phenomenon of the continous reference to Antiquity, present in visual arts as well as in theatrical art and performance in general, in order to deduct its modes and significance, from both the historical and aesthetic point of view.

The morning of 8 February will have as its theme The meeting of the arts, while the afternoon will be devoted to Staging, Acting and  Scenography; this session will also feature papers relating to dance by Flavia Pappacena and Claudia Celi. Both sessions will be hosted in the Aula Odeion della Facoltà di Lettere (Città Universitaria – P.le Aldo Moro).

The second day of the conference – with the theme Ancient Subjects – will instead take place in the Sala Squarzina del Teatro Argentina (p.zza di Torre Argentina) from 9.30AM to noon.

Free entrance. The complete brochure with the list of featured papers is available at these links:


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