Historical Bassoon Masterclass with Giovanni Battista Graziadio in Rome (Italy)

On May 28-29 an intensive workshop organized by Il Teatro della Memoria featuring the study of theoretical aspects, individual practice and ensemble music for double reed instruments

Baroque Bassoon Giovanni Battista Graziadio

The Masterclass is aimed at players who have a previous experience with one of the various types of historical bassoon in use from the 16th to the 18th centuries as well as at beginners or at those who want to approach the instrument for the first time. The ensemble workshop is open also to other double reed instruments in use during the 16th and 17th centuries.


Introduction to the history and organology of the Bassoon.
In the individual practice session every participant will have the opportunity to present a piece of his choice from the 17th or 18th century solo repertory.
The double reed ensemble workshop will feature the study and performance of 16th and early 17th century pieces in four to six parts, with a particular attention to dance forms. The parts will be previously sent to all enrolled students. The ensemble pitch will be A=440 Hz.
Some instruments will be available for the students: curtal (aka chorist fagott / bass dulcian), tenor dulcian, alto dulcian, alto shawm in F. Those who own a suitable instrument are anyhow advised to bring it along.
The Masterclass will be in Italian, but Prof. Graziadio will repeat explanations in English when necessary.


Saturday May 28: 11,30AM-7,00PM
Sunday May 29: 10,00AM-7,00PM

Teatro Santa Francesca Romana – Piazza Cesare Nerazzini – Roma (Italy)


studied historical bassoon with Maurizio Barigione, Giorgio Mandolesi, Alberto Grazzi and Donna Agrell. He is also a founding member of the Abchordis Ensemble and The Italian Consort, and plays with orchestras such as Concerto Romano, Kammerorchester Basel and I Barocchisti. He is also a researcher of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis (Basel, Switzerland) working on the project “Fagottini and Tenoroons” (funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation) and a PhD student at the University of Basel.


Masterclass fee:

  • With advance payment up to May 2nd 2022: €150,00
  • With payment after May 2nd 2022: €175,00

Students that are enrolled in Conservatory courses are entitled to a special 10% discount.

The fee may by paid:

  • by credit card on this page;
  • by bank tranfer to the account No. 67/494577 at Banca Fideuram (IBAN: IT44R0329601601000067494577 – BIC-SWIFT code: FIBKITMM) in the name of “Il Monocordo di Andrea Toschi”. If you are located in a SEPA country, be sure to choose the “shared fees” option, in order to avoid higher international charges.

Once you have sent the payment, be sure to fill the enrolment form.

The Baroque Bassoon & Curtal Masterclass has a maximum of ten students. Students will be enrolled according to the order of arrival of the registration forms. Those that cannot be admitted because the maximum has been reached will be promptly informed, and the amount paid will be fully refunded. No refund will be granted in case of cancellation by the student. The Masterclass will be organized in accordance with COVID-19 safety protocols.

The vanue is within walking distance from the stops COLOMBO/PADRE SEMERIA of bus lines 160-670-671-714; NAVIGATORI of lines 30-716; APPIA ANTICA/DOMINE QUO VADIS of lines 118-218 (timetables are available on the ATAC website).

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