Bolzano Conservatory will select a Recorder teacher for a masterclass

The Italian institution announces a comparative procedure to assign a short contract

Conservatorio “Claudio Monteverdi” at Bolzano has published the official announcement for the selection of one expert who will be charged with the masterclass Flauto dolce e Musica d’insieme (Recorder & Ensemble music). The masterclass shall be taught in three days from 31 January to 2 February 2019 in exchange for a comprehensive amount of  €2550,00 (before tax).

The requirements in order to apply are:

  • several years of teaching at Higher Music Education Istitutions;
  • several years of performing as a soloist (Dutch school).

The application deadline will be on 3 December 2018. Detailed information (in Italian and German) is available in the official regulations at this link: Bando BZ Masterclass Flauto dolce.

Tel (+39) 0471 978764 – Fax (+39) 0471 975891- e-mail:
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