A selection in Tallin for one ballet pianist

Estonian National Ballet will hold an audition on 18 August

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Up to 11 August it’s possible to send to Estonian National Opera the application and CV for the audition that will take place on 18 August in Tallinn in order to select one ballet pianist for Estonian National Ballet (EstNB). The responsibilities of the job (as specified in the official announcement available at this link) are:

  • preparing and providing musical accompaniment for ballet rehearsals;
  • knowing the music of ballet performances that are in the repertoire of EstNB;
  • Learning the music of new ballet productions;
  • cooperating with choreographers, rehearsal coaches and conductors.

Candidates are expected to possess:

  • relevant education and work experience as a pianist;
  • ability to learn quickly and readiness to work independently with the repertoire;
  • excellent cooperation skills.

Knowledge of the ballet repertoire is recommended.

Besides the performance of numbers from Cinderella by Prokoviev and Swan Lake by Čajkovskij (parts are available at this link), the audition will also feature a test on improvising in meter 2/4 and 3/4.

e-mail: kart.kinnas@opera.ee – phone: (+372) 6831276

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