The teachers of the 2014 edition: Federico Occhiodoro, Percussion

Occhiodoro_03The course will teach the basic playing techniques of several percussion instruments frequently used in music from the late Renaissance and Baroque period, with a particular focus on dance accompaniment. The instruments that will be dealt with are: frame drums with Azeri technique, Italian tambourine, bodhràn, marching drum, Basque tambourine, darbouka. The course is open to students of all levels, and it’s also possible to structure the classes along a path of rhythmic sensibilization, in particular for non-percussionists. A limited number of instruments will be available, so the students are advised to bring their own.

Federico Occhiodoro finished his regular studies at the Conservatory summa cum laude, specializing in contemporary and orchestral music. Besides his studies in classical music, he has studied ethnic percussion with Ninad Massimo Carrano and widened his knowledge in African-Cuban tradition and instruments from the Mediterranean basin. He has studied the  traditional Irish bodhràn drum in Dublin with David Burns. Since many years he collaborated with the Il Teatro della Memoria early music ensemble.

Info on the workshop costs and registration is available at this link.

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