The teachers of the 2013 edition: Paolo Di Segni, 19th Century social dances

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The course, open to students of any level, features the study of the technique and the  basic steps of 19th century dance and the teaching of social dances characterized by local colour (Varsovienne, Tyrolienne…) reconstructed according to late 19th century dance manuals.

PAOLO DI SEGNI born in Switzerland, introduced to music and rhithmics by L. Di Segni-Jaffé (Jaques Dalcroze method), has studied pianoforte and violoncello. He specialized in historical dancing under the guidance of  B. Sparti, F. Lancelot, S. Wynne and has been a member of the Gruppo di Danza Rinascimentale di Roma; with this and with other early dance groups he has taken part in many concert tours in Italy and abroad. He devotes himself to the reconstruction and popularization of historical dances, in particular those of the 19th century. He curated TV programs on the Quadrille for TeleMontecarlo, taken part in Telethon ’97 e ’98, held seminars at the Scuola di Ballo del Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, in Catania at Balletto di Sicilia and in Naples. He collaborated with Orchestra del Teatro Petruzzelli di Bari and with Associazione Dimensione Polifonica towards the realization of events for the city of Naples.

Full info about the workshop costs and registration form are available at this link.

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