The teachers of the 2013 edition: Paolo Tagliapietra, Cembalo Accompanist

PAOLO TAGLIAPIETRA, born in Turin in 1960, has obtained diplomas in Pianoforte, Choral Music and Choir Direction as well as the specialization in Chamber Music at Accademia di Santa Cecilia. He also studied Organ, Composition and Conducting. He has been awarded prizes in several performance competions and has dealt with various aspects of music: from the instrumental cultured repertory to the sacred and profane vocality, the traditional music of countries such as Armenia, Russia and Japan, but also the Neapolitan tradition and contemporary music. Deeply interested in Renaissance and Baroque music, he has been conductor, continuist and maestro al cembalo for many instrumental and vocal groups, such as the ensemble “Voci italiane” with which he has performed in several countries around the World, realizing transcriptions and vocal arrangements from the Neapolitan 19th Century repertory. He holds the post of Piano Accompanist for Dance at the Accademia Nazionale di Danza. He has performed in all the World as pianist, organist and conductor.

Full info about the workshop costs and registration form are available at this link.

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