Humor Bizzarro: news about the Harpsichord course

August 4th-7th 2012: intensive course with Christopher Stembridge

Following a suggestion by the Harpsichord teacher Antonella Moles, who next summer unfortunately will be unable to take part in the workshop, the course Intorno a Frescobaldi will be taught by Professor Christopher Stembridge

Il Teatro della Memoria is grateful to Prof. Stembridge for accepting to participate to L’Humor Bizzarro 2012 and thanks Antonella for her contribution to the last editions of the summer workshop, at the same time wishing to be able to avail itself of her collaboration for future projects.

For all the other classes the accompanist at the harpsichord will be Paolo Tagliapietra.

General info (in English) about the workshop is available here

Programs and teachers’ curricula (in Italian) available on the webpage humor_bizzarro_2012.htm

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