Next Summer in Rome: the Early Music & Dance Workshop “L’Humor Bizzarro”

Humor Bizzarro 2018 Early Music Early Dance

International Early Music & Dance Workshop
17th Edition – Rome July28th – August 5th, 2018

Courses, concerts and seminars managed by
Il Teatro della Memoria (artistic direction: Claudia Celi and Andrea Toschi)

The teachers of L’Humor Bizzarro 2018:

16th-17th Century Dances between Italy and Spain: Claudia Celi
17th-18th Century Dances and Contredanses between France and Spain: Ilaria Sainato
19th Century Social Dances: Paolo Di Segni
Baroque Oboe: Angela Paletta
Recorder: Marco Rosa Salva
Renaissance & Baroque Singing: Rosanna Rossoni
Renaissance & Baroque Trombone: Ercole Nisini
Renaissance Lute, Theorbo and Baroque Guitar: Francesco Tomasi
Cembalo Accompaniment: Paolo Tagliapietra

Rhethorical Gesture Seminar: Ilaria Sainato
Qi Gong Seminar: Angela Paletta

Ensemble Music and Dance Accompaniment Practice

The teachers’ CV are available on this page.

Location: Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio – Rome – Italy.

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Humor Bizzarro 2017 – Ilaria Sainato: “Cupid’s Garden – Le Jardin de Cupidon” – Dances and Contredanses in England and France between the 17th & 18th century and Rhetorical Gesture Seminar

Course program and teacher’s curriculum

Ilaria 2“Cupid’s Garden – Le Jardin de Cupidon” – Dances and Contredanses in England and France between the 17th & 18th century
The course is aimed towards dancers, musicians and whoever wishes to approach or to further the knowledge of baroque dance technique.  The theoretical and practical classes feature warm-up, study of basic choreutic technique and of choreographies, mainly reconstructed from the Beauchamp–Feuillet notation; part of the classes will be devoted to questions pertaining sources, dance notation and treatises, choreographic repertory, giving a particular attention to the connection and integration between music and dance, with reference to problems of performance of dance music. During the course, the choreographic  and
musical correspondences, borrowings and  influences between England and France will be investigated through the study of choreographies by André Lorrin, Mr. Isaac and John Essex. The choregraphic numbers will be chosen by the teacher according to the level and the needs of the participants.

Rhetorical Gesture Seminar
The seminar is aimed towards singers, dancers, actors, musicians and whoever is interested in the repertory of musical theatre of the 17th and 18th centuries. It offers to the students a further tool for performing such repertory through an in depth examination of the typical features of baroque theatre, of rhetorical gesture and of themes such as the stage proxemics, the roles and typical characters, the theory of affections.

Ilaria Sainato graduated in Musicology at the Università degli studi di Pavia-Cremona, with a dissertation in Phylology about Italian dance of the Quattrocento. She has studied Renaissance and Baroque dance with Veronique Daniels, Barbara Sparti, Deda Cristina Colonna, Ana Yepes. She teaches Renaissance dancing at Scuola di Musica Antica di Venezia and gives courses and theoretical-practical seminars at schools, institutions and associations in Italy and abroad. She organizes shows about dance of the 15th to 17th Century in collaboration with several ensembles and companies; in particular with La Girometta she deals with the reconstruction of Italian dance repertory of the Quattrocento and Cinquecento from the original treatise sources taking in to account their musical concordances. She has extended her research to problems in reconstructing 17th and 18th Century theatrical performance with music, in particular regarding staging and gesture, collaborating to several stage productions such as  Don Giovanni by W. A. Mozart, Il Ballo delle Ingrate by C. Monteverdi, La Fida Ninfa by A. Vivaldi, Atalanta Fugiens by M. Maier, Flavio Cuniberto by G. D. Partenio; she has also directed this latter. She has been assistant direcctor for: Mulier Fortis by J. B. Staut, The Fairy Queen by E. Purcell and Così fan tutte by W. A. Mozart (directed by Deda Cristina Colonna), Madama Butterfly and Turandot by G. Puccini (directed by Hiroki Ihara), Rigoletto by G. Verdi (directed by Ivan Stefanutti), Sonnambula by V.Bellini (directed by Stefano Vizioli). She collaborates with As.Li.Co. – Teatro Sociale di Como as Stage Manager.

Full info about the workshop costs and the registration form are available at this link.