Accademia Nazionale di Danza announces the 3rd edition of “il Corpo nel Suono”

From October 26 to 29 in Rome an international conference to explore the relationship between music and dance and the role of the musician in dance

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This is the official communiqué of the international conference organized by Accademia Nazionale di Danza (AND) in partnership with Conservatorio Statale di Musica “A. Casella” – L’Aquila:

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Il Corpo nel Suono 2017

III International Conference
October 26th – 29th, 2017
Accademia Nazionale di Danza, Rome

The Accademia Nazionale di Danza (AND) is pleased to present the third edition of il Corpo nel Suono, an international conference dedicated to gain insight into the relationship between music and dance, and the role of the musician in dance.

The conference will take place at the AND from Thursday October 26th to Sunday October 29th and it aims to prompt and bring out a critical approach to the mutual interaction of sound and movement, within the different contexts where it occurs, from the educational to the choreographic and the performative. This also includes the choreomusicological as well as the historical and anthropological perspectives of that relationship.

Il Corpo nel Suono will also be the time to take a closer look to the role played by the musician in dance, as well as to the objectives and strategies of his education, comparing the european experiences of Paris, Copenhagen, Glascow and Barcelona with the AND experience, which, together with the Conservatorio de
L’Aquila, for several years has been focusing on training the “Maestro collaboratore per la Danza”.

Through the organization of the conference, the AND confirms a continuity plan of this meeting, considering it a major opportunity for growth and enhancement of the standing of the musician in dance, who is essential in any choreomusical context both educational and professional.

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Roma, 19 September 2017

Accademia Nazionale di Danza

Istituto di Alta Formazione Coreutica
Largo Arrigo VII, 5 Roma
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The program features workshops, lectures, roundables and performance with: Nacho Blanco, Francesco De Rubeis, Massimiliano Greco, Marta Guercini, Kim Helweg, Suzanne Knosp, Tristan Lofficial, Marco Melia, Han Otten, Nicola Pangia, Flavio Pescosolido, Fabrizio Pieroni, Rafel Plana, Franck Prévost, Prathap Ramachandra, Daniel Roberts, Debra Shannon, Jonathan Still.

It’s possible to download a PDF with the schedule

Our photos from the previous edition can be seen at these links: 

Just announced: the program of “Il Corpo nel Suono 2016”

From 28 October to 1 November in Rome: lectures, workshops, performances for the second edition of the international conference hosted by AND about the role of the musician in dance

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Here is the press communiqué circulated by AND about this important undertaking that highlights the role of the musician for dance:



Istituzione di Alta Formazione Coreutica

Il Corpo nel Suono 2016
2nd International Conference organized by

Accademia Nazionale di Danza at Rome (Italy)

The Accademia Nazionale di Danza (AND) in Rome presents Il Corpo nel Suono 2016 conference that will take place from Friday October 28th to Tuesday November 1st: a meeting organized by AND in order to discuss on the relationship between music and dance, focusing on the musician as key actor of this relationship..

During five days, the central issues concerning the relationship between music and dance will be dealt with, through lectures, workshops, performances, panel discussions given by musicians coming from Sydney, Copenaghen, Paris, London, Glascow and, of course, Rome.

The Conference will also deal with the specific theme of education of the musician for dance, comparing the experience brought forward by AND with the similar european experiences.

Following on from last year conference, the Accademia Nazionale di Danza confirms  its aim to make this event a regular opportunity for discussion on the musician in dance, who is an essential  actor in a choreutic/musical context, both educational and professional.

Full program available at webpage


– tel. (+39) 0657177710
– mail

Roma, September 24th

The program features workshops, lecture, panel discussions and performances with (among others): Marco Ariano (Italy), Erin Brannigan (Australia), Massimo Carrano (Italy), Laurent Choukroun (France), Philip Feeney (United Kingdom), Alain Franco (Belgium), Kim Helweg (Denmark), Cosmo Intini (Italy) Suzanne Knosp (USA), Karen McIver (United Kingdom), Marco Melia (Italy) Ivan Mijačević (Slovenia), Antonio Sorgi (Italy), Keith Terry (USA).

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Photos from the 2015 edition can be seen at this link

A video is available at this link

“Il Corpo nel Suono” – focus on the relationship between musician and dancer

Accademia Nazionale di Danza hosts international conference jointly with Conservatorio “A. Casella”

We feature our own translation of the official press communiqué, circulated by Accademia Nazionale di Danza, about this first important undertaking that highlights the hitherto scantily appreciated role of the musician for dance:

 Il Corpo nel Suono

International Conference organized by

Accademia Nazionale di Danza at Rome (Italy)

in collaboration with

Conservatorio “Alfredo Casella” at L’Aquila

Il Corpo nel Suono is the title of the international conference that will be hosted by Accademia Nazionale di Danza (AND) at Rome from thursday 29 October to Sunday 1 November: a meeting organized by AND in collaboration with Conservatorio di Musica “Alfredo Casella” at L’Aquila in order to discuss the eminently peculiar relationship between musician and dancer.

During four days, the fundamental problems connected with the relationship between music and dance will be dealt with, not only from the theoretical angle but also and above all from the operational one. The program actually features a series of theoretical-practical workshops in the course of which the participants will have an opportunity to encounter musicians coming from Copenaghen, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, London and, naturallly, Rome.

An extraordinary moment of meeting and discussion aimed at exposing joints, functions, devices that articulate together music and dance and that preside over the creative processes implied in musical composing and impovising for dance.  

The Conference will also deal with the specific theme of training the musician for dance, comparing the different experiences that operate on the international level in this direction. Besides the experience brought forward by AND, it will be possible to learn about and evaluate the related initiatives present at Conservatoire de Paris, Scenekunstskole at Copenaghen, MDW at Vienna and UNSW at Sydney.

Accademia Nazionale di Danza, whithin which several musicians regularly operate, has designed to make itself the promoting institution of a never previously opened debate among the different experiences that are current in the international field, with the aim to make of it a regular rendezvous and in order that it may become an important moment of growth and promotion of a figure, that of the musician in dance, usually considered as merely pertaining to the background.

Full program available at webpage

AND: phone (+39) 06571762210


Roma, 24 September 2015

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