Theatre machinery on exhibition in Rome


A the Casa dei Teatri up to october 20 it’s possible to admire the works by Luciano Minestrella

Since June 27 the Villino Corsini at Villa Doria Pamphilij (Rome, Italy) hosts the exhibition  Artes Mechanicae – ricercando tra le radici del Teatro italiano that presents perfectly functioning scale models of stage machinery. Some of the exhibits are reconstructions of stage machinery designed in 15th century Florence by great artists such as Filippo Brunelleschi or Filippo D’Angelo (known as il Cecca); others have been created for the productions of “La Mirabilis Teatro societas” directed by Luciano Minestrella.
During the month of September the company organizes three manipulation workshops for young people: the first, on the afternoon of September 14, addresses Primary School students (6-10 years); the second, on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22, is aimed towards Middle School students (11-13 years) and will feature the building of mithological figures within wood containers; the third, for High School and University students (14-25 years), will be held from friday 27 to sunday 29 and will feature activities around the Hyppogriph theatre machine, drawing inspiration from Ariosto’s Orlando furioso. All the workshop are free of charge and can be booked at this address:

Casa dei Teatri – Largo 3 Giugno 1849
Villa Doria Pamphilj (entrance Arco dei Quattro Venti)
info: tel. 06-45460693 or 060608

Exhibition open from June 27 to October 20, 2013
Opening hours Tuesday to Sunday (Monday closed):
– up to september 30, 10.00AM-7.00PM
– from october 1, 10.00AM-5.00PM.

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